Gigtrooper is a place where you can hire an event provider.

With thousands of professional performers and providers all over the Philippines, our marketplace provides an easy and secure way to create a memorable gathering. You can choose a provider that’ll fit your taste for your event. We have professional and newborn providers- from DJs, Clowns, Magicians, Musicians, Bands, Comedians, Singers, Dancers, Make-up Artists, Florists, Stylists, Photographers and Videographers and so much more.  Book Easy, Party Hard!




Gigtrooper is the site where browsing, contacting and hiring event service providers and performers are made easier, 
faster and more secure, we also organize and coordinate events, simply to make any event a success. 
Follow the simple steps below to be one step closer to your event paradise.

GigTrooper has a simple approach. Here's how it works:


1. Browse for the kind of entertainers/event services you need.

2. After you serch, Click on the "REQUEST QUICK QUOTE" located on the bottom part or the providers Profile.

3. After you click the "REQUEST QUICK QUOTE" this window will appear. 
TAKE NOTE: Fill up correctly specially on the Address, Time and Expected Visitors. there are 3 Steps need to be filled up, just click next after you complete filling up.

4. After you fill up everything correctly, just click "FINISH". 

5. After you click "FINISH", this window will show and you just need to wait for the provider to reply.

TAKE NOTE: our team will see this, that's why we are going to call the provider for immediate response.


If you've been booked by clients you will recieve an email and message on your gigtrooper account and this window will show up on the message section of your account. at this page 

the provider can give his/her price range and additional information for his/her services. After giving the the description and price Just click send

7. After the provider send his/her price and Additional Details, The client will recieve it. "this is the expected window"



If everything is good to go. gigtrooper will create a contract between Client and Provider witnessed by gigtrooper. After the client and provider accept what's in the contract, the deal will be closed. And time to time the gigtrooper will update the provider to make sure that the event will be successful.