Imagine a place where everything that you need for an event meets, that’s us! GigTrooper is the marketplace for all kinds of event service needs. We also have entertaining blogs you can read on, if you just wish to visit our website.

Having made event planning easier and more secure with our number of trusted performers and professionals, our goal is solely for you to be able to create that extraordinary gathering/event you’ve always dreamed of with ease. Search for something awesome!

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The location of the company is in Cordova, Cebu City, Philippines. Our services is available nationwide.


The vision of the company is to help event providers "new or old" to get more Gigs. GigTrooper also wants to give a hassle free and secure service to the clients.


Dale Ramirez

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Tisha Oppus

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Jhonel Ramos

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)