About Iskala

ISKALA is a an all-male vocal group which would like to be skilled in a capella harmony

The group was primarily formed to join 2015 AKAPELA OPEN (a contemporary a capella competition headed by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab).

Coco who is a huge fan of a capella, learned about the competition among his peers.

He is so thrilled in joining the said competition believing that he would learn a lot from this.

He then looked for other individuals whom he has the same interest in music and could share this journey with.

Through his friends and by means of a social networking site,

He met Myr, Ahbz, Joms and Patrick. Just like him, These four gentlemen were also looking for an opportunity to further develop their talents and other individuals whom they could share their passion in music with. They decided to call themselves “ISKALA”, Tagalog word for SCALE (a music term).

Brings Equipment:


Band Genre:

Pop, Alternative

Number of Members: