The UAAP Cheerdance competition is an annual one-day event of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines for cheerdancing. It was founded by Manny Villar.

This year's competition took place last December 2, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena and for the very first time Adamson University Pep Squad placed for the UAAP 80 Cheerdance Group Stunts. 

Adamson Pep Squad head coach Jam Lorenzo was already thankful for that accomplishment since they have never stepped in on the podium again since 2001. 

Incidentally, Adamson has even more to be thankful for since it was not too long that they were also the champion for the UAAP Cheerdance Competition itself.

Thank you Jap Roda Films for the amazing video -

Jam Lorenzo was speechless and couldn't believe that they were the champion for this year's competition. He thought he was just dreaming that he had to be pinched! 

Adamson Pep Squad dethroned NU Pep Squad, the four-time champions who ended up in a tie for 4th place with the FEU Cheering Squad and bested other schools such as UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe (2nd Place), UE Pep Squad (3rd Place), UP Pep Squad (6th Place), DLSU Animo Squad (7th Place)and ADMU Blue Babble Battalion (8th Place). 

According to an online interview with Lorenzo they only take crucial holidays as rest. Their only goal for this year's competition is as simple as beating their 2016 routine. Really, simple huh? But I sure know it took a lot of determination, perseverance, grit and discipline to accomplish that. They also mentioned that the only drill they do was to pray before and after their performance.

Lorenzo and the squad is grateful with the title they have achieved and will do their best to sustain it.