What is it about the image of the clown that affects the psyche in such a profound manner, Love by some? Hated by others? Or Worship by a selected people? Just what does lie under the bald caps afro wigs and all the white grease paint is an entertainer trying to earn a buck?

Lots of people especially children love pranks, bread fall and jovial joke that makes clown so funny, just as many children are skid dish scared or downright petrified by them, but children if clowns are just silly skins? Why do they give some of the children around the willies?

The most famous clown we've known is "McDonald" a fictional character used as a primary mascot of the fast-food chain.

Today when we picture clowns we think of big feet, red noses, pies to the face and fiddly friendly fun but on last October 25, 2016, several news was reported outlets on an alleged clown-initiated “attack”, which supposedly to take place on Halloween Eve of 2016. that wasn't always the case. Children have phobias about clowns it's because of some pop culture movie like "IT" we're the clown was rarely portrayed by killing or even scaring kids and having that massive deadly costume.

Clowns evolved out of the tradition started by medieval court jesters, jesters often were silly colorful costumes and got laughs by acting like a clumsy fool and making jokes. So parts of the clowns, why they are so scary is because of their nerve-racking past, but the thing is, you must not judge them by its cover otherwise overcome your fear and slowly start a step, close your eyes and take a deep breath, reminding yourself that its purpose is to entertain people and not to hurt you.

Here are some facts about clowns that can surely make you realize that clowns deserved to be loved not to be hated and abandon.


Birthday parties, events or etc. clowns are in high demand in terms of these things. Many of our clowns are face painters, jugglers, and balloon twisters. They will do anything to entertain you as much as they can. A clown is one of your stress relievers. Just sit back, relax and enjoy watching their live shows or performance.


Each clown has their own skill sets. Clowns will do anything to make people smile in their own perspective ways. They have their own unique style in performing and in making people laugh. Having the same physical look makes them boring but when you know the differences on their talents, probably you should start loving them for who they are and what they are as a clown.


Big red nose, messy hair, white face paint, and more fun stuff. An image you can describe when talking about clowns, but aside from those funny appearances, clowns are a skilled artist. Being a clown is not easy; they should portrait the character in order to make people laugh and gain more costumers.


Clowns are more likely to have a positive attitude, an attitude that would create an impact mostly to those people who love them and people who appreciate them. Making people laugh is hard but as a clown, hyper attitude is a must in order for them to make a contact with the people.


As a clown, they like to make fun of themselves and to others. Making fun with themselves is a way of showing they don't take themselves too seriously. Sometimes they actually use sarcasm or put-downs to mask their aggression. They have the ability to laugh and absorb life and people can be, including themselves.

Looking deeply to a picture of a clown is a man enduring the hotness inside to make a living and enduring the tiredness to earn. Clowns are in charge of entertainment, to lift up the ambiance of celebrations. Living up to its job, a clown is the one who paints smile to faces of kids after or during celebrations.

Killer clowns and Pennywise doesn't destroy the clown industry in the philippines, they are just a seasonal sensation that will fade overtime but the season of the real clowns will never.

I believe that clown is an epitome of happiness and brings nothing but enjoyment and entertainment to make celebrations worth remembering and unforgettable.