There’s a new terrifying challenge called “Ayuwoki” which was named after a poor pronunciation of “Annie are you ok,” a lyric from Michael Jackson’s song, “Smooth Criminal.”

It basically uses Michael Jackson’s sculpture called “My Ghoul Jackson” which was made after the singer’s death in 2009. This is a momo style kind of challenge that is meant to scare kids.

Everything started in 2009 when someone uploaded it on youtube with a similar clothing accompanied by a scary song. The meme originated from Latin America. Reports said that Ayuwoki usually appears at 3:00 A.M, which is considered as “The Devil Hour”.

He then says “Hee Hee”. The challenge is to fall asleep before 3:00 a.m in order to avoid Ayuwoki. Also, Ayuwoki will only appear to you if you have heard anything about or seen him. Anyone who is up till 3 a.m. and is trying to fall asleep doesn’t need the added stress of thinking about some scary singing demon.

This thought-process sounds ridiculous, but kids are gullible and potentially superstitious, which is the reason why phenomenons like this tend to occur. Ayuwoki is the latest meme to emanate from the depths of the internet. The meme was an animatronic figure of Michael Jackson.

The name comes from Jackson’s “Annie, are you okay?” lyric from “Smooth Criminal”. Unlike the previous meme from the internet, it has been treated very much as a joke by social media users. For those who doesn’t know about Michael Jackson, He has been called as “The King of Pop”. Jackson was born with a family band, and has been performing since he was 5 years old. The video creator “thomasrengstorff” was the first uploader of the animatronic Michael Jackson, a redone version of “Alive Elvis’” animatronic.

He then titled his creation as “My Ghoul Jackson”. In early 2019, the character was seen being used in videos where it was dubbed as “El Eni Ayuwoki”. On January 27th, video creator “GENERIC CHORIPAN” posted an edit of the “My Ghoul Jackson” video with the title El Eni Ayuwoki, gaining over 116, 000 views. It can’t go unnoticed how this meme began appearing on social media immediately after ”Leaving Neverland” was aired.

Children and Adolescents may seek to share the meme because it is viral, but please be aware that it also has the potential to propagate sleeping disorders, panic and anxiety. When vlogger scarcuchi, tried to play the challenge, she started to feel the positive energy while calling the name Ayuwoki three times. After playing the challenge, she noticed that something fell down in her room. She then stopped the challenge.

Another vlogger was bothered with this new viral challenge. In the video the he/she was reacting to another video where it tells all about this new viral challenge. The character in this video portrayed somebody who was walking up a staircase with no arms, dancing with a scary background music. Some memes have also been created comparing Ayuwoki to Miranda Cosgrove, as some fans have stated she looks like late-career Jackson.

Again, parents, please always look after your kids and monitor their activities in their gadgets. Might as well block sensitive contents.