Technology has advanced so much, that you can confidently say that you’ve seen almost everything possible. Because of the Internet, we have access to limitless information, ideas and other things. If you’ve heard about the story “The Emperor and His New Clothes”, you’d be surprised how far they took the story to heart.

Recently trending on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms is the so-called “Extreme Cut-out Jeans” that’s worth $168 (over 8,000 php).

1. It is Edgy

Some people like being edgy or unique, especially where fashion is concerned. They value their “individuality” most of all, and they would happily jump at any chance to prove that they are bold and daring.

2. It is a New Look

A lot of people like things that are new, especially those that are considered limited edition. People who are tired of the same and usual boring jeans might want to have more cut-outs than the usual strips and slashes.

3. Bandwagon

In the story “The Emperor and His New Clothes”, the emperor was made to believe that something invisible was actually of value. This could be the same syndrome that can be found in the people who believe this to be a fashion statement.

4. Price Tag

Some individuals buy an item because of the price. When it’s something that most of the masses consider expensive, it becomes a social status symbol or a statement of how much money you’re willing to spend on certain items.

5. Excuse to Show Off Body

A lot of people are proud of their bodies, especially if they worked hard on achieving their shape.

The extreme cut-out jeans could be a one-time thing or it could be a start of a new trend of fashion wear that don’t require much cloth. If that’s the case, a lot of jean manufacturers would cut huge costs on cloth and other material.