Good news to all Filipino Marvel fans out there. Marvel Comics is bringing a new superhero in the multiverse, one of them a Filipino heroine named "Wave.". she will appear in the four-part War of the Realm comic series which is a Thor Storyline.

Wave will be among the new “Agents of Atlas”. She, along with the new characters “Aero and Sword Master of China” are tasked to save the world of “The War of the Realms”. War of the Realms, is a big Marvel universe story involving all the heroes from the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Wolverine.

What’s getting this crossover so much traction is its introduction of new Asian superheroes. Her Teammates: Silk (a Korean-American female version of Spider-Man) and Amadeus Cho (aka the new Hulk) and new heroes from China- Aero and Sword Master. Her Superhero origin: Her whole origin story is still a wave of mystery but the creator said that Her tentative name is Pearl Pangan and she is from Cebu, an island and the central region of the Philippines known for its’ Stunning and Pristine Beaches.

What she looks like: Being a Cebu native, Wave is equipped with swords. Her teal-highlighted costume is reminiscent of the seas and shores of the island. Wave also has a retractable mask that covers her nose so she can breathe as well, Wave was designed by Greg Pak and Filipino comic book artist Leinil Francis Yu. Her weapon: Wave wields two unique-looking swords. Based on that, she could be a skilled warrior.

The weapons she is holding in her hands might be kampilans, a type of single-edged longsword that originated in Philippine archipelago. The material that makes up her weapons is also present on her back, which could imply that her powers have a technological component to them. This heroin character was inspired by Lapu-lapu’s sword of Cebu. Her powers: Wave uses powers that involve water and technology.

Based on her name, she’ll most likely have the power of water manipulation, or something the same. Cebulski the Editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics quoted “Filipino Marvel fans are some of the most passionate in the world, and we’ve always wanted to return that love… and now we finally have that chance, in the form of the water warrior known as Wave! Greg Pak and Leinil Yu have created Marvel’s newest hero, a fascinating Filipina with roots in Cebu.

We look forward to exploring not only her place in the Marvel Universe, but her origins in the Philippines!” And of course she’s a Jollibee fan!” Cebulski added. With the big reveal, pinoy netizens lauded Marvel for adding more Filipino representation into its universe. She will make her first debut this coming May. There you have it folks. Those are some information and a few guesses of the Filipina superhero. We are wishing that her character is as optimistic as what our culture portray us to be.