The Chicken Noodle Soup song was officially out on September 27, 2019 and since then has been going viral.

And as a way to interact with fans, J-Hope joined TikTok and came up with a cool challenge for the video. The video has him make some sick moves and asking people to recreate it on their TikTok channels.

At GigTrooper, we figured out there’s more than what meets the eye with the Chicken Noodle Soup song video. We started doing our research further and came up with interesting insights that we thought are worth sharing.

So, here’s GigTrooper revealing some hidden meaning and truth from the viral hit Chicken Noodle Soup song.

The Song’s a Remake

The Chicken Noodle Soup song is actually the remake of the song that goes by the same name. The original from the early 2006 was by Young B and Webstar. The video was an immense inspiration for J-Hope and we learn it was one of the reasons he started dancing.

The Real Meaning Behind The Song

The original Chicken Noodle Soup song is born because of two things – the Harlem Shake and Toe Wop. Almost a decade ago, the world witnessed a rap song that had a dance that went along with it.

Bonnie or Young B’s uncle was the one who came up with the beat for the song. He was a Harlem rapper and the entire song was written when Young B was serving detention in school. While some believe the phrases from the song – let it rain, clear it out – are based on basketball terms and that it is a call back to her initial days of her career, some simply say the song is just an explanation of how to eat chicken noodle soup.

Besides, there is also a claim that the chicken noodle soup song referred to the time mama served the dish, subtly saying there was a time when only this was available to eat along with white rice and honey.

When asked DJ Webstar, he shares that Young B came up one day and started calling it chicken noodle soup song and it was fixed on the spot.

The References in Lyrics

The song’s lyrics in Korean, Spanish and English has many details about J-Hope and Becky G, underlining the roots of their career, their struggle and their ideology.

The Korean lyrics is an ode to J-Hope’s dancing skills and his interest in dancing. The Spanish lyrics of Becky G has her talking about how she loves her roots and her identity, how she’s the best in the scene and how she would always keep her ties from where she came from.

Other References

Further interpretations and research on the song also reveal that the presence of a blimp that reads “Go J-Hope” refers to the other members of BTS encouraging J-Hope on his latest venture. Besides, there is a one point in the video, where J-Hope dances with six other dancers in a formation. Fans and we think alike that it is a reference to the BTS band and J-Hope’s way of remembering his friends in his music video.