Let’s admit it, planning an event was never an easy task unless you have an event organizer which could be, at some point, a bit expensive. So instead, people go through the hassle of looking for each event service needs in various places like facebook, google and whatnot and if unfortunate you may even be scammed or may not find someone who'll suit your standards. I had a similar experience but luckily, I wasn't scammed and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Not too long ago, my elder sister got engaged. Of course that got everyone in the family thrilled. I mean, who wouldn't?

A month before the wedding, we were already looking for dresses to wear and make up artists. Gladly, I had a friend who does make up really good. So I kept in touch with her and asked her to do my make up which she didn’t refuse. Happy me plus happier me because she does make up for only 500 pesos. Imagine that! Rarely can you find affordable artists in Cebu City, right?

Fast forward to the day before the wedding. Now this is where I got stressed! All along I always thought that my friend also does hair styling, but she doesn’t and again, I just knew about this the day before the wedding. Phew! Guess that was my bad. So I had to cancel my appointment with her and looked for another make-up artist who can also do my hair because I think it would be cheaper that way. That incident really got me panicking.

I searched on facebook with the tag, “make-up artists in Cebu City.” There were a lot and I messaged all of them and was hoping they'd reply as soon as possible. Then it got me wishing Oh how I wish there was a website that houses all make-up artists and other services needed in events so I can just search for everything there and contact them directly. Thankfully, Gigtrooper is here. Now I don't have to worry about my future searches and you yourself don't have to worry too. Just imagine how convenient that is for us who has an event ahead. 

So I found this make up artist on facebook her page was called Make-up by Czarvs and she was quite amazing and affordable I tell you. I reviewed her page well before I started contacting her and found out that she was legit so I set an appointment and thanked God that finally I now have nothing to worry about except for one thing, that what if she won’t show up on the wedding day. Yes, I was a bit paranoid, really. But gladly, she did show up at our hotel.

So that was it. The wedding was a success!