How Sinulog gone wild and the reason why they banned the Street Party Sinulog is the most popular festival in the Philippines. It is also famous for its street parties, usually happening the night before and the night of the main festival. I will be talking how this festival went from being wild to being banned. One reason is uncontrollable youngsters in EDM concerts. Let me tell you later in the video.

Street parties are always there every Sinulog, but how did Sinulog become so chaotic?

In the ’90s, people celebrated the feast of Sto. Niño in a simple and unique way called the mardigra. They simply praised and felt the solemnly of the festival. Street parties that time was just a typical party with a controllable crowd, unlike today’s generation of party goers.

In the early 2000s, rock concerts were popular during the Sinulog season. People went to concerts to party and have a good time in a controlled environment.

Years passed, Sinulog became more popular, many people and tourists visited the festival. However, celebrating the festival of Sinulog became more liberated than ever.

It started at the age of EDM festival parties. That's where Sinulog started to get wild. Youngsters played rave and EDM music and had their party on the streets.

Most youngsters wanted to join the street parties. As you have been noticed, street parties were held literally in a national highway- an open and public road in the downtown area, where people and vehicles pass by. While people were partying, cars were being trapped in roads, and highways were taken as dancefloors for party vibes, blocking ways and throwing bottles. They didn’t mind about the people and cars that were passing by. Instead, they messed up with them- they threw paints at the car while some were shaking it.

Last year was one of the most terrifying Sinulog festivals. The Paintensity dance party was ordered to be stopped due to the unexpected crowd control problem. The venue got very crowded and the organizer stopped taking more people in, but lots of youngsters barged in on the entrance gate ignoring that security personnel and staff. This is one of the reasons why the government banned some festival parties.

The government then, announced that Sinulog street parties will be banned this year due to what happened last Sinulog street party. And here are the 5 reasons for banning the street parties.


People attending the Sinulog to celebrate the feast of Sto. Niño, parties are loud due to the music that the DJ plays. it causes a disturbance, not only for the people who attended and celebrated the festival and also for the neighborhood who already relaxing in their homes. People will no longer interest on the solemnity of the Sinulog because they will be focusing in the street party. It affects the solemnity of the feast of Sto. Niño as what Mayor Luigi said.


Parties are prone in injuries and others, due for those persons being careless. Safety is the most important in every aspect of life, and security personnel is focusing in the place where the festival was held. But when there are street parties, it will cause a lack of personnel and the safety of people will no longer be secured. By this, it causes a lot of injured persons, accidents and more.


We knew that Sinulog festivities were over after six to seven in the evening and that’s when people get to rush find a way home but usually they end up snarled with traffic due to some idiot people who parked their vehicles in the middle of the road where it causes too much traffic.


The number of people who are attending in the Sinulog can't be avoided, threats cannot be avoided, and may occur when there’s a mass of people. when the threats happen, people can't control the anxiousness they felt, they will start running to escape the threat. And the uncontrolled running may cause a stampede. During the Sinulog, people are starting to bump each other and it really causes a big problem especially for those senior citizens who have no strength for the sake of her/his safety.


Crimes are everywhere and are always happening especially in the festival (Sinulog particular). The index of criminals is increasing during the celebration. Due to the thrilled people are feeling, they no longer mind their belongings. Criminals are taking advantages when that happen. And due to a lack of security personnel, criminal cannot be watched. Careless people are the victims of some criminal cases during this kind of event, you must be careful of your surroundings to avoid problems.

Don’t be sad or mad that they’ve banned the street party for Sinulog this year. Just accept it and instead of negating, think that it is a great idea to be safe and an opportunity to mingle people in the safest way.

No street parties for this Sinulog but there’s a live band for you to be able to feel the feast at the same time the Festival itself. We can still enjoy the celebration because there’s a lot of entertainment rather than street parties. Remember that your safety is your responsibility, don’t leave behind your belongings and stay alert.