In this world we live in, it’s no question that some people depend on looks to get ahead. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s more about taking advantage of the traits that we inherently have. Oftentimes, there are beautiful employees that are admired by their customers and praised by their colleagues for the luck and sales that they bring.

Does the availability of sexy vendors or employees immediately translate to more sales? The answer is yes because having beautiful workers increase the chances of your business being popular.

Here are some of the reasons why we think sexy workers are helpful especially with regards to sales:

1. Having sexy vendors is a reflection of good management

When workers can afford cosmetics in order to look good, it’s a reflection that the company or management is taking care of them. If the management or company takes care of their employees then the customers will be more appreciative and buy from them.

2. Beautiful workers boost the appetite of customers

In many places, most popularly in Japan, they have their waitresses dress up into lovely maid costumes because it has been proven to aid in the influx of customers. Male customers appreciate it when the waitresses are attractive.

3. Beautiful employees indirectly promote your business on social media

People nowadays love to take pictures of nice and beautiful things and post them on social media, because of this, some attractive persons get attention and become viral. Out of curiosity, people will go to your shop, restaurant or store to see for themselves if the viral photograph of the lovely employee is true or not.

Although beautiful and sexy employees boost the sales, it’s important to remember that there is no better marketing tactic than having good products or services.