Events! Whether it is a wedding, a corporate, school event, or a party, music is always present.

"Music is one of those unique ingredients that make an event memorable."

 Without music, your event would be boring.

Your choice of music gives more excitement to the guest and adds entertainment.

But, the problem is, who will be going to play the music that suits for your event and will give satisfaction to the guests?

 Is it a BAND or a DJ??


Before picking up which of the two you want to play for your events. Here are the things you need to consider.



Considering the money you're lending for your events, make a research about the price range in every talent so that you will not be out of a budget.


Dancing is always present in every event, so regardless to which you chose, you must consider what sort of music they play to encourage the guest to dance in the dance floor.


People always look forward to what sort of music the musician played and who is the musician. Think carefully to what genre of music you want because it reflects your personality and it affects the ambiance around you. People often remember those.


Location is very important for the reception. Check first if the venue has any restrictions on the number of musicians and the pieces of equipment that are allowed to bring in, or it has any noise limitation and electricity usage.



  • No one can deny that live performance is very entertaining.
  • The band's enthusiasm will influence the crowd.
  • It catches everyone's attention and changing their moods to the extreme excitement level.
  • Bands can make the crowd feel LPS (last performer syndrome) due to their charismatic perform ance.
  • The crowd can request any songs they want to hear and even jam to their performance.


  • Bands are more expensive than DJ's because you are paying the whole group.
  • Bands occupy more space due to the number of member and their instruments.
  • Bands are LOUD.





  • DJ skills are the best! Imagine they can play and improvise all sort of music.
  • They know exactly what the guest needed.
  • They know when to switch the music that is appropriate because they noticed the crowd's ambiance.
  • Unlike the bands, DJ's are less spacious and inexpensive.
  • DJ can be an emcee too.


  • DJ's energy can't surpass the energy and the live performance of the BANDS can give.
  • Improvising is tough. Without enough skills, DJ can't do proper improvising.
  • And it makes their performance flat/boring. 


  • Attitude is important especially in dealing with people and handling pressure.
  • Attitude attracts the heart of people.
  • Dealing with different kind of people is not easy and inevitable because each and every one of us has a unique personality.
  • Observe whether they are good at communicating people and in handling pressure.
  • Handling pressure is not easy because you need to find an easy way to resolve the problem.
  • Especially during the performance, requesting a song is inevitable and unstoppable.
  • And some of the guests are so picky about songs.


  • In order to satisfy what you choose, you need to see their performance in advance.
  • Ask for a disk sample of their video or much better see them in person.

 Clarify what sort of music you want and not

Before engaging to something serious, make sure to clarify what you want particularly and what is not, so that, they will know what sort of music they will play during the event.


With the mash-up skills of a DJ and the energy of the BAND makes the celebration even more special, exciting and memorable.


Listening music helps to refresh some of your negative vibes and it makes everything better. Take note that choosing the right music makes your heartbeat synchronizes to what you are listening and inspire us to dance in the moment.


Now you know the things you need to consider before picking which of the two, either you choose the DJ, the live BAND or have them both in your music preference for your event as long as you choose what's best. The music you have chosen is the reflection of you. So, what are you waiting for have a blast on your event!