Professional Emcee is one of the most important part in every event. They are responsible for the outcome and the flow of the event.

Which means if the event is not entertaining enough, emcee events is the reason of that. You should able to get all the attention of the visitors and control them, that’s why being an emcee is not as easy as you think.

But, did you know that almost everyone has the potential to become a great emcee?

It is like a built-in ability to almost everyone. And if you are curious enough to know why, then this list will tell you why.


And if you are a student and you have a dream on becoming an emcee for your future career, then make sure you will read the whole blog. Because, we are going to tell you why in school is the best place to practice your skill to become a great emcee and how can you develop it. So, here is the list of basic skills of an emcee.


1.       Speaking / Public Speaking

Let’s start on the most obvious thing, “Speaking”. If you can speak, then you have the potential to become an emcee.

Simply because talking is one of the requirement to become one. But not just talking you should master or at least you are comfortable on using your own language and the universal language which is English.

2.       Confidence

This one is compulsory and the most important, it is like the root in every career especially being an emcee. And even though you’re saying that you don’t have the confidence, the truth is you really have, you just need to develop it.

Yes! Developing confidence is not easy but,

once you did it everything will be easier for you and also remain your eye contact to the visitors or anyone to practise your confidence, just don’t make it creepy look.

3.       Humor

This one don’t always apply on formal event like pageant, but on weddings and birthdays? This is important, because they can’t say happy wedding or birthday if they’re not laughing.

And I know what you’re thinking,

but you have it. Admit it, you try to throw a joke but no one laugh, and now you’re thinking that you really don’t have the humor in you.

But what if I told you that your joke is funny, but you throw it too early or too late. What I’m trying to say is when it comes to joke, timing is everything.

4.       Positivity

This one is important, because if you are an emcee, everything comes out in your mouth will reflect to your audience. And spreading the positive vibe in event is your top priority other than entertaining them. Especially in weddings.

First for the couple, this event is one big step for their life as a couple and your job is to make it positive as possible, because you don’t want them to start their couple life negative, nobody wants that right?

Second is for the visitors, we all know that all visitors in wedding event is happy for the celebrant, and giving them a positivity vide the whole event will make this event unforgettable.

Also this behavior will help your brand name to have more gigs.


            Those are the requirement to become an emcee. And practicing those skills don’t need studio or help from others. You can practice those skills on your own in your daily basis.

Especially if you’re a student.

Think of it,

school is the best venue for developing your speaking, they even teach it to you literally, you just to focus on that particular subject if you want to master that language.

Next is your confident. You can develop it by doing an oral report in front of your classmate, then once you’re confident enough, you can step up by voluntarily ask your teacher to host an event in your school.

And another thing is humor. Well practicing humor can be anywhere- friends, classmates, family member or teachers. Just don’t forget the timing, and always heads up if you fail to throw it, there’s always a next time.

Lastly is positivity. This one is tricky but easy to master. Just think of this, “YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, IF YES, DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT? IF YES THEN WHY WORRY? IF NO THEN WHY WORRY?


Now you have all the idea, it’s up to you now if you want to become an emcee or just develop those skills. and by the way, those skills are not just for emcees, it can apply to all the career you want to pursue in your life.

So good luck to you and god bless.