Have you seen the boy that was fed by his mother while playing computer games? The boy is actually addicted to gaming. I am at the same kind of shop where the boy played his games. Let me tell you more about this place and the reason why the boy keeps coming back to this place for his gaming addiction.


Have you ever been playing computer games for so long? Just like this boy in the video. This boy from the Philippines was playing computer games for 48 hours nonstop in a local Pisonet or internet shop in the Philippines without eating.


Pisonet is an arcade-style computer unit used for internet surfing or gaming. It’s originally from the Philippines. The computer unit is usually inside a box with 2 coin slots. It’s very accessible for everyone. That is why many children and teenagers stay in this local internet cafe for so long.


Here is a quick demonstration on how this works. This is the Pisonet timer. As you can see it starts with zero, but once you insert a coin into it, it adds the time. The computer opens up and you can now use it until the timer counts down to zero.


Here are some people who suffer the worst cases of gaming addiction


Okan Kaya A Sydney-based sales manager broken the record for the longest videogame marathon by playing for more than 135 hours.



Shawn Woolley suffered from learning disabilities and antisocial tendencies. He found solace in video gaming. His gaming addiction began to take flight, playing for 12 hours a day and left only 4 hours for sleeping. He decided to quit his job to play more instead of going to work.


Lee Seung Seop made global news on August 3, 2005. Whereby, after playing online games for about 50 hours straight, he collapsed and suffered a heart attack. The cause was mix of exhaustion and dehydration. Thankfully, he survived.


In the video, the 13-year-old boy is addicted to computer games; he was playing for 48 hours straight without going home.The mother was so concerned for her son because of his excessive gaming. She explains that he never supports his son for his addiction. She began worrying about his gaming addiction a couple of years ago when he began staying late at an internet café. In fact, she disciplined and grounded her son before but he always finds a way to escape. They were forced to drop his son’s studies because he always skipped school and later on did not attend it anymore. In order for his son not to get sick, she had no choice but to bring food for him while he plays.


Possible reasons why the boy in the video got addicted is because:


The Pisonet is so affordable; you can use the pisonet by inserting coins. 1 peso or even 5-peso coin is enough for you to play a game on the net. Instead of going to school, some children tend to go to the pisonet and spend time playing online games the whole day.


Due to the busy schedules of his parents, they don’t have time to check on him. Lack of parent’s attention is the other reason why children get addicted to computers and online gaming.  


Playing computer games moderately can have plenty of advantages. Nonetheless, when playing computer games becomes an addiction to the point that you ignore more important responsibilities, Parents truly need to consider limiting their children's gaming time.