Youtube is one of the most popular websites in existence. It is home to millions of videos and video creators. From its humble beginnings, Youtube has become a powerhouse for entertaining, educational and informative videos in the Internet that are in shareable and embeddable formats.

Here are the most popular Youtube channels in 2018 based on number of subscribers:

1. Pewdiepie (62,602,866 subscribers)

Pewdiepie started out as the first game content creator in Youtube. He garnered notoriety when people found out about how much he was actually making on his Youtube channel. Now, he is a content creator who does daily videos and interacts with his huge fan base on Reddit. Despite losing his Disney contract, other Youtube shows and being involved in numerous controversies Pewdiepie remains the strongest channel in the platform.


2. T-Series (45,227,576 subscribers)

T-Series is an Indian music company, which is commonly known for Bollywood music and soundtracks. The Youtube channel features music, teasers, trailers and lyric videos.


3. Justin Bieber (38,900,571 subscribers)

Justin Bieber is the most popular artist in Youtube, with his hit single “Baby” at the top of Youtube’s most viewed list. His Youtube channel mainly features his music videos.


4. HolaSoyGerman (33,784,484 subscribers)

HolaSoyGerman is a video creator that mainly caters to the Spanish-speaking audience. He creates comedic videos and skits.


5. CanalKondZilla (33,163,924 subscribers)

CanalKondZilla is a Brazilian music channel that features music and merchandise from their website KondZilla.


A lot of other content and video creators also have substantial amount of following, but the top 5 channels are worthy of note because of their loyal subscribers. Videos in this channel reach at least a million views each, and the fans interact, support and comment excessively.