Have you seen a video where it involves Naruto run dash and a mirror. This is called the Naruto Mirror Run Challenge. This gives the illusion of moving through different bathrooms while doing the iconic Naruto run in front of a mirror. But did you know where it originated? How does it went mainstream? 

Naruto is a Japanese manga and anime series that tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who worked hard to gain the village’s recognition while chasing his dream to become the leader of his village.

#NarutoChallenge, is one of the most iconic running style in anime series. Capably called the Naruto dash, the style of running of the anime characters has become pretty famous online with many uploading videos of themselves running in such passion.

However, it looks like the anime series has inspired many people for another crazy challenge online. Behold “The Mirror Dash Challenge”. This challenge appears to involve giving the illusion of moving through different bathrooms while doing the iconic Naruto run or just doing silly things in front of the mirror while recording it in a smartphone.

It was first uploaded in Tik Tok, the challenge has been taken the internet by storm and now creators and influencers are taking on the challenge. But, none can top by the Singaporean “Jaze Phua” who released his own version of the challenge recently. He has the best version among all. Jaze Phua’s first video of the challenge has reached 1 million views online, and also his second video of the challenge which truly showcase his editing skills. In his second video, he actually wear cosplay attire as Naruto. The video massively reaches about 3 million views and counting.

There are, of course, some different iteration of the same challenge, but for the most part, that is basically what is consist of.

Here are some viral videos of Naruto mirror dash challenge.

This video was uploaded by Benny Toung. His version of the challenge is quite funny. Before making the illusion he first brushed his teeth. After brushing he then did the illusion and added some fun stuff by having different clothes to make his challenge amazing.

The second video of the said challenge was uploaded by Kael Cos together with his friend Baimon. These two accepted the challenge, portraying the anime characters, Ozymandias CN and Gilgamesh CN, making some acting and fighting scene which made their video unique.

But this video of the singaporean filmmaker “Jaze Phua” has been the most trending. Many people appreciates his own version of the challenge. His video specializes in action, comedy and romance, which helps him to gain more viewers and fans. His second video truly won the world 3.4 million views and counting. This time Jaze Phua went on a full-cosplay as Naruto himself. Once again, accompanied by his friend Douglas Tan, who runs as Naruto’s rival Sasuke.

The music that is used on the challenge is actually the opening theme of the anime series specifically Naruto Shippuden opening theme 16. The music is titled “Silhouette” by KANA-BOON, a Japanese rock band. As you can see in the opening theme, when the music chorus plays, Naruto starts to run as a child which progresses to him being an adult. Even in the music video of Silhouette, they also featured a running man.

Salute to those people who willingly accept the challenge. The challenge may looks easy but it will really test your video editing skills and your imagination on how you will come up and put some special effects to make your video more impressive to gain more viewers and fans.