There will always be an effect after break-ups. Although not everyone suffered the pain and grief, a sort of in-explainable emotions is hidden. Others may ruin their life for one failed relationship or otherwise. Some don't take much on the negatives, not because they are scared, but it's actually a matter of controlling not to let yourself drown from it. Some still looking at the silver lining despite the odds. Our cherubic pop megastar Ariana Grande released her music video “Thank u, next” last November 30, 2018. Like much her other music, it is the type of catchy earworm that wiggles into your brain and never leaves. But this music video of her also has a backstory which it has propelled into the wider cultural consciousness.

Let’s dig down the untold stories of the song ‘THANK U NEXT’.


 The music video tackles about how strong Ariana is, in spite of the heartbreaks she faced. Still, she gets up and be able to have more positive vibes.


The content of the book composes Ariana Grande’s ex’s dedication, their happy memories together, and how she described each of them. But there is one not included in the book. Instead, she just looks up in the sky while singing those lines. She explains on her Twitter account about the reason, she said that the photo was on her bedside table. Unfortunately, it did not appear to be visible in the video.


The cast recreating some Ariana’s favorite scene from beloved teen movies and romantic comedies like Mean Girls, Bring it on, 13Going on30 and also Legally Blonde. Her video mashes up and recreates iconic moments from the early 2000s.


You may also wonder why some of the cast are familiar, isn’t it? Some of them were from the movies inspired by the theme. Let’s get to know them by the movie they were acting with. MEAN GIRLS former cast; Stefanie Drummond the girl with a transgender best known as the “army pants and flip-flop” girl, Jonathan Bennett the guy who was walking in the hallway together with the ‘Plastics’, Colleen Ballinger also known as Miranda Sings is the pregnant woman in the video and was from Legally Blonde too. LEGALLY BLONDE; Jennifer Coolidge where she reenacts her own role in the movie. VICTORIOUS; Matt Bennett the guy who’s with Ariana in the bathroom scene, Elizabeth Gilles who reenacts Mean Girl Cady Heron role, Daniella Monet is the fifth member of the cheerleading team. . BRING IT ON; the rival Cheerleaders of Ariana’s side wearing the Lovers uniform. Kris Jenner the businesswoman, producer and an author plays the role of Miss George. Troye Sivan the transgender that Ari pushed in the locker, is a singer, songwriter, actor, and a collaborator of Ari. Scott Nicolson is Ari’s close friend and back-up dancer plays the role of the transgender together with Stefanie Drummond in the interview. Gabi DeMartino is Ari’s look alike, the last in the interview. Alexa Luria plays the role of Karen Smith. Courtney Chipolone is playing the role of Gretchen Wieners. You may not have noticed but Ariana’s mum was doing the cameo too, she was behind of miss Kris Jenner, the lady wearing black.


It was like a mini-reunion of the cast from the former movies they were playing with, through this music video they’re working together again and some of Ari’s close friends were included. It was Ari’s dream come true because she was able to work with her idol Jennifer Coolidge.


The TUN in Ariana’s cheerleading uniform represents as her song THANK U NEXT. The original uniform of their rival was CLOVERS, they remove the C and put LOVERS instead. Ari wears “A Little Bit Needy” when she was walking at the hallway but the original character of Mean Girls wears “A Little Bit Dramatic”.


The dollhouse is the miniature of the whole scenery of the music video. We can see the picture of Ariana when she takes a selfie when she got a haircut in one of the rooms of the dollhouse.


The 7 Rings in the Porshe License plate refers to the rings she got from her friends where it’s the symbol of their friendship.


 Some fans think that the word ‘Baby Girl’ in the pendant of the necklace that Scott wears and in the cheerleading top that Gabi wear, is some hint of Ari’s next song.

10. TAPE 

We’ve seen in the tape it was written ‘to Ari from Ari’ is proof that the song Thank U next is dedicated for herself.


After the music video was released it reaches more than a hundred million views. The video was surprisingly being on the number 2 in Hot 100 of the Billboard Chart in less than a week. Ariana never failed her fans and viewers, she and the cast did a great job. The song tells us that no matter how tragic we experience in life; we must not let ourselves drown by it. We should get up, pull ourselves back because life must go on. Moving on is a matter of choice. Time heals but if you’re going to wait for the so-called right time to end a broken heart, you’ll absolutely miss the chance to live a happy life. We all make mistakes. It is part of molding us into a better and stronger individual. We only live once, so keep walking.