Meet Tony Autrey Stark a Las Vegas based cosplayer who’s now residing in Cebu, Philippines after being married to his Filipina wife.

Tony is not like any other cosplayers. Instead of joining cosplay contests and dressing up for photoshoots, Autrey does cosplay for charity like helping kids with cancer, cosplaying in Orphan homes to put a smile on the kids’ faces, he also does feeding programs and other charity work. Aside from cosplaying, he is also a host, a Spanish teacher and an actor. Wow! That's a lot! He has been starred in one of TV5's TV program, "Kadaugan by Brillante Mendoza." 

I had the chance to join Autrey with one of his projects that was held in Cordova Cebu. It was mainly about educating the kids about the town’s epidemic problem, cyber sex crime. 



I must say it was a brilliant idea having him there. The kids were eager to listen to him and weren’t bored at all. They were very attentive and lively in answering in chorus the do’s and don’ts If ever they will be invited to do maliscious work. He also initiated a guessing game which is entirely about Marvel movies and to my surprise the kids were very knowledgeable about it. They know more than I do. Shame on me! Haha