It doesn’t take too long for the internet to come up with a new challenge.

After all the weird challenges that it has made, there’s finally one that makes sense. Introducing the #TrashTagChallenge wherein people are compelled to pick up trash in order to clean up an area. Pictures are then posted after doing so.

This time, the challenge all started with a post from @thescientistfacts on Instagram. The challenge then caught everyone’s attention. This viral challenge encourages people to clean up littered areas of their local communities by sharing the good deed on social media with their before and after photos.

The #trashtag has spawned thousands of posts on social media and it continues to trend with teenagers in particular. Regardless of where in the world we live, chances are, having litters scattered everywhere is a huge problem. More than 9 billion tons of litter ends up in the ocean every year.

People are now encouraging others to fight back against litter with this #TrashTag Challenge. This challenge and the action that goes along with it has been around since at least 2015. Users across popular social media app have started to clean up polluted areas near them and are sharing their challenge on their account.

Take a look at how people took on the Trash Tag Challenge. This user took the challenge and cleaned up some trash along side of the road together with her parents. The user then said that she didn’t have the before and after pictures. Instead, she uploaded pictures with his family picking up some trash.

This other social media user, uploaded his challenge cleaning up a part of the mountain together with this friends while they were in an off road expedition in California.. After paddle boarding, user named @a.mack10 proceeded to do the challenge together with his partner and picked up trash in the coastal area of Kata Beach in Phuket, Thailand.

This user, @ger_man, posted his version of the challenge together with the community of his hometown in Mexico. Salute to the person who created this helpful challenge.

You are an inspiration for everyone especially for this generation and for the upcoming generation. We should be able to pursue what this challenge is meant for.