Have you heard about the new viral challenge?

They called it “Vans Challenge”. This year’s latest viral sensation, has people throwing their vans sneakers on the floor and filming it.

Did you know where this challenge started?

Vans is a manufacturer of skateboarding shoes and related apparel, based in Santa Ana, California and owned by VF Corporation. This heavier sole design might explain why Vans always land top-side up.


Vans shoes always land top-side up according to the challenge. Toss a pair of vans shoes and when the dust settles, the soles will be on the ground. This challenge was far too alluring. People began to throw their vans, record a video and posted it on their social media accounts.


This challenge was uploaded by the Twitter user @Ibelievethehype. The video uploaded on twitter gathered thousands of likes and retweets in just two days. She shared a video of themselves throwing a pair of checkered vans across the room, landing perfectly with the face up after bouncing around on their rubber soles. She posted it with a caption “Did you know it doesn’t matter how you throw your vans they will always land facing up” and that’s how the #VansChallenge was born.


Many others have recorded videos of themselves tossing their pairs around to prove the theory of the challenge. Most have been successful. Others with some particularly “cooked” pairs didn’t get the result they were hoping for.


Here are some people who did the challenge.


The girl in the video holding a bunch of vans shoes counted up to 3 before releasing them all. Immediately after, all of the shoes were lifted successfully and landed precisely.


On the other video, someone threw some vans shoes and recorded it using a cellphone to see if all the shoes he/she threw will land with the “top-side up”.


This video of a boy also tried to lift his checkered vans shoes to see if he will succeed. As he was doing so, he went wild and did another trick by lifting his shoes together with the bottle.  


It was only a matter of time before someone combined the #VansChallenge with other viral gimmick like the #VansFlippingChallenge. Some people didn’t get the challenge. Maybe it’s a question of a carpet versus hardwood floors, or maybe the physics of the challenge is just inconsistent?


If most people tried this challenge! Well, let me try it to using this fake one versus the original one. What would be the possible outcome? Would they both land with the top  side up1? or one of them landed in opposite side. Let’s try it out


There you have it folks original most of the time lands top side and fake lands inconsistently.