Have you seen the viral video where toddlers have a slice of cheese in their faces? This is what they called Cheese Challenge. Instead of saying “Say Cheese”, they will literally throw cheese towards the innocent ones and captures their reactions. It sounds crazy but most people find it entertaining. Do you know who started this challenge?  But before that, let me tell you how this challenge rose to stardom.


Cheese challenge first appeared on Facebook. It was Charles Amara who posted a video of himself last February 26, 2019. He threw a slice of cheese to his young toddler’s face who was sitting on a high chair.


The challenge became viral when user yungholmes ve posted his version on Twitter two days after Amara posted hers. It drew mixed reactions. Many people were amazed to the former’s tweet due to the reaction of the baby and some weren’t. His tweet has reached up to 10 million views and more than 750,000 likes. Later on, he deleted the video and apologized to the baby’s mother and posted an explanation about the deletion of the video.


Because of amusement, many followed a similar pattern. Toddlers were confused about what was happening and a shocked look were drawn all over their cute faces.


Here are some adults doing the challenge.


In this video, the father explained that he didn’t have cheese so he went for the ham. His baby named Rick was reading a storybook in his bed when he called him and threw the ham in his face. Because a ham has a different size from that to a cheese, it covered all of his son’s face. The father went hysterical.


Some babies were shocked but there were also babies who were happy and laughing because they understood what their parents did. Maybe they knew that it's not something serious but just for entertainment.


The baby in this video was sitting in his high chair while his mother threw cheese on his face, he was shocked but instead of crying, he ate the cheese.


There was also an uploader who did the challenge together with his pets.


There were also others who did it with adults. Say for example the Jonas Brothers, where Joe Jonas threw a slice of cheese to his brother, Kevin. It was still entertaining even if there weren’t children involved. By what they did,  we can see how cute their relationship is and how close they are as brothers..


There were also some people went too far, not thinking about what others would feel. In this video, the woman threw cheese on his husband while he was still sleeping..


Some find the craze disturbing and ridiculous. They criticized the uploader because it was kind of abusive and could’ve affected their children's personality in the future. They ask the public to stop doing the challenge for the babies’ sake.


The said challenge was inspired by the “Dog Cheese Challenge” last year. Unlike Cheese Challenge, Dog Cheese Challenge had less criticism.


Whatever is the reason for the parents/uploader who have done this challenge, there were still positive vibes that were spread all over the internet.


Because lots of people were doing the challenge, let me do it too together with my dog Clark. What will be the possible outcome? Will Clark eat the cheese or just ignore? Let’s try it out!