For us Filipinos, it is a big part of our lives, we all know that every time there’s a party we love these two things -eating and singing. And when we are talking about singing, there’s one thing that comes in our mind-- the Karaoke. We see them everywhere. A lot of us have this at home.

Karaoke is known for its popularity in Japan. It is a form of interactive entertainment which an amateur singer sings along with an instrumental version of a well-known song using a microphone. Lyrics are displayed on screen with a moving symbol to guide a singer. Alongside is a big and thick songbook with all the songs that are basically arranged in ascending order with its corresponding number.

But what exactly is the reason why Filipinos are obsessed with karaoke?

In Philippines, we’re naturally born singers (being in tune or not). Wherever we may go, we always bring our love to singing. So, don’t be surprised if you’ll hear a Filipino screaming out one of Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” song. Singing high, over-the-top notes is what we mostly do best.

Here are the lists of why karaoke’s are awesome.


Let’s admit it karaoke is the best source of entertainment in every event of a Filipinos life, from birthdays, to barangay fiestas and to weddings. Karaoke is always there to make your party twice entertaining. Either with a good voice or bad it’s because Filipino feel connected when it comes to singing.

To Express

Singing is one of many ways to express your feelings, and because there are many karaoke machines in the Philippines, we always want to express our feelings by singing on the nearest karaoke machine. Whether we are happy or sad we just want to sing it out.


Karaoke is one of the best ways of bonding with your friends or family. Even though you’re not a family of singers, it still gives an impact if you sing together. Because a family that sings together, stays together.

Stress reliever

Life never stops on giving stress in our life, and for some Filipinos singing in karaoke machine is not just for entertaining, expressing or bonding but also to relieve their stress by singing alone or with friends.

Karaoke is a part of a Filipinos life WHETHER WE HAVE AN occasion or not. Because just like what I said, “WE LOVE TO SING” even though that singing don’t love us. (You know what I mean.)

Fun facts about Philippine karaoke:

Did you know that Filipino named Roberto Del Rosario holds the patent for inventing karaoke? It was developed in 1975. However scholars credit Daisuke Inoue as the inventor of the karaoke. He invented the karaoke in 1971 but forgot to apply patent to it.

If there’s no occasion, you can only use karaoke until 10PM and insert five peso coin for one song to a karaoke machine.

Filipino’s enthusiasm for singing never stops. By any chance we meet one day, let’s check some karaoke’s at the mall and sing together. That would be the funniest thing ever!