Why Influencers Have Spoilt Traveling For Us Once and Forever

When was the last time you envied a lifestyle that you thought you couldn’t afford? When was the last time you felt dejected because you couldn’t travel like a few others?

Well, you’re not alone.

Thanks to the influencers of today, social media is making us (all of us) depressed more than ever, giving us anxiety.

If there’s one aspect that influencers have completely ruined it for us, it’s traveling. What is considered sacred, life-changing and transformative for many has become a cluttered market of racing horses.

If you’re with us on this, this is GigTrooper and this video is all about identifying four reasons how influencers have spoilt traveling for us once and forever.

The Other Side of the Camera

At the first look, photos on Instagram look captivating. Perfectly cooked Belgian waffle, beach-facing cabanas and fancy workplaces.  


But in reality, it’s only a snapshot that you see from an entire timeline of events. We do not know what happened next or before.

The waffle could have been half-cooked, the cabana could have costed a bomb or their workplace could have chased them away for spending way too much time there.

This brings us to the rise Instagram freeloaders, who use their assumed influence for free stays. Influencers have been asking hotels to accommodate them for free for days in return of one video on their profile. If you didn’t know, there have been instances where an influencer was banned from a hotel in Dublin after he approached them for a free stay. The hotel refused and banned anyone with the tag influencer after this.

Making Destinations Too Artificial

Influence take a beautiful destination and turn them plastic in their photos.


You end up going to the place and wondering why it was nothing like how you saw on photos.

Matt Kepnes, the master travel blogger, also commented that influencers tend to create a travel perception that is fake. He shared that moments are too polished on social channels and that it’s all about push and sell, ending up being spammy or scammy.

Aspirations to Imitate Their Lifestyle

We all want a taste of their lifestly. No? When was the last time you did a followmeto in your photographs? If not, one influencer wouldn’t have found a business opportunity in it. Because she wanted everyone to be as “successful” as her, she came up with a course that would cost $500. Ironically, the course never saw completion and the complaints going the rounds claim one of the very first assignments involved learners finding other takers for the course.

The Race to be in Trend

For the followers of influencers, being an influencer is not an easy job. It requires you to be on the run and trend on social channels perpetually. This epidemic became got people’s attention when the HBO Miniseries Chernobyl aired.

What showcased the intensities of toxicity in the region and asked people to stay away ended up attracting these influencers for photo shoots. The place witnessed a 35% increase in tourism after the show aired. Influencers flocked in numbers to turn the disaster site into a location for photo shoot. The sentiment of the place was brought down to a few radioactive emojis and captions.

Today, traveling has become cluttered and fancy. The joy of traveling is replaced by simple pleasures. Imitation is the game and nobody seems to take the time out to soak in a moment.

We have nothing against Influencers but let’s not allow them to dictate how we travel, see things and experience life.


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