Have you ever thrown any kind of party and invite a hundred people, and twice of the invited people show up? It’s the most common thing for us Filipinos. Have you ever heard of the term RSVP?

 RSVP is a procedure for a reaction from the welcomed individual or individuals. It stands for "Répondez s'il vous plaît" or "Please respond." In short, if you get invited to a party, tell them if you’re going or not and who goes with you.

Here is the reason why RSVP is important.


It’s pretty obvious that when you invite a specific number of people, you only have to prepare the exact value of food that they can consume.

First reason, is you don’t want to waste food because it’s pretty expensive and wasting it is a sin.

Second, even though let’s say that your visitors are going to bring leftovers for their tmel tomorrow, they will not be able to bring all of the available foods on the buffet. And the most important thing is if you are hiring a catering service to make your party less of a hassle, and surprisingly twice of the invited people show up, the visitor’s start complaining to the caterer about running out of food without knowing the real problem. 
Next reason why RSVP is important is the:


Same scenario- you invite a few pals for a simple gathering then twice the number of the expected visitors show up. You just rented a small place that's just enough for the expected guests. But because there are too many people in the area, it now causes inconvenience(e.g. lack of chairs, tables, food) .

Just keep this in mind, if you receive an invitation requesting RSVP, please show the host some courtesy by responding whether you plan on attending or not or how many are you. The host took the time and gave effort in inviting you. Just do the same thing and respond. Better yet, it’s a free food and everybody loves free foods right? I know a lot of Filipinos can relate to this.