Supreme is one of the brands that have evolved into a lifestyle trend. Supreme was founded by James Jebbia as a nod to skater culture; but since its humble beginnings,

it has gathered followers from all over the world from skaters, artists, fashion models to collectors.

Supreme is known for its collaborations with other brands such as The North Face, Dover Street Market, Vans, Nike, Stone Island, Comme des Garçons and others.

However, it can be noted that despite its simplistic style and designs, the brand is notoriously pricey.

Here are some of the possible reasons why Supreme brand is so expensive:


1. Hip and Trendy Culture

Supreme is known for the skater lifestyle or hip fashion, with collaborations from world-famous brands so it’s no question that it’s really expensive. With endorsements from famous celebrities, the brand has become a necessary representation of hip culture.

2. Quality Material

According to Supreme collectors and buyers, they prefer the material of the brand because it’s 100% cotton so it’s very comfortable to wear especially for daily activities like going outside for a stroll or going to work (if your office permits casual wear).

3. Limited Edition

The Law of Supply and Demand states that if there is low supply and high demand, then the product will become more expensive. Some people collect limited edition fashion pieces so they are willing to buy those at higher cost than from buying directly.

4. Reselling

The fact that Supreme releases only a limited number of its merchandise has opened opportunities for people to capitalize on the rarity and resell the fashion pieces at higher costs, sometimes even over 10x the original value of the merch.

In conclusion, Supreme brand is so expensive because of various factors like rarity, reselling and collaboration with well-known fashion brands that has alleviated their status as the brand of skater culture.