About Spade JM (Joko Curioso)

Hi there, I am Spade JM. A Sleight of Hand Artist who specializes in Playing Cards. I have been into this artform for about 5 years now and I have no plan on stopping. I recently released a booklet called Slave to the Spade which explains my theorization and outlook towards Magic and Sleight of Hand. As well as fusing Poetry into Sleight of Hand and Magic. 

I perform for corporate events, product launches, branch openings, private parties and bars. I also do video consultation and content production through Sleight of Hand. You can watch one of my latest projects with Wanderland Music here which garnered up to 32 thousand views! I also teach the art of Magic and Sleight of Hand to those willing to learn the secrets and partake in the deceptive journey that Sleight of Hand is in.

My expertise is close up magic with a deck of cards. I do not perform magic with any other medium except cards. 

I also am a General Manager of a collective called Cardipelago in which we treasure and nurture the art of Cardistry and Magic. Aiming to change the perception of the country that relates Playing Cards to Gambling. 


You can check out my portfolio here

My previous projects:

Sleight of Hand Compilation

Altered Perception


One Card Congruence


Previous Clients:

Telus International Philippines

Tanacle Tours & Services

Karpos Multimedia

Wanderland Music & Arts Festival

Titik Poetry

Astrolikha Inc.

Magician Style: