About Elwin Buelagala

I am a band vocalist for already 10 years.  My special genre is reggae.  Part of my queue also are opm,  rnb and alternative.


I have a band in my hometome. It's in Baybay,  Leyte.  We are called "Roots Harmony." We are 8 members in my band including a hand percussionist.  We play in different event like wedding,  birthday parties,  disco concert,  christmas party,  debut,  christening, island parties, among many others. 


But since I am currently staying here in Cebu because I am working in a company,  I am now doing a show as a soloist.  But also looking for a band with new members that I can play with and perform here in Cebu. 

Singer Style:

Pop, Rock, Rap